Site audits that scan for 100+ SEO issues

Save time on your site audits and impress your clients


We regularly monitor your website and can send you an alert if a test score drops below the threshold you have set.

Runs 100+ checks per page

Your website is analyzed daily on issues related to: SEO, security, accessibility, content, mobile, performance, etc.

Step-by-step tutorials

Get access to step-by-step tutorials on how to fix the issues that we've found on your website.

"With a high-quality website you will delight both your human visitors and search engines."


Runs 100+ checks per page

We look at many different factors that influence your online marketing efforts, including issues related to:

  • Security: HTTPS, mixed content, http headers
  • SEO: titles, meta tags, headers
  • Technical: errors, warnings, missing resources
  • Accessibility: alt tags, ARIA, links
  • Forms: security, buttons, layout
  • Mobile: viewport, HTML5 input, Flash
  • Performance: loading time, caching, images
  • Content: markup, spam, copyright
  • Social: profiles, Twitter cards, Open Graph

Optimization tasks


The tasks needed to improve the website are prioritized. Their order is determined by an algorithm that takes into account the severity and the percentage of pages that is affected.


All tasks are conveniently divided into categories. That way you can keep track of your progress in specific areas like SEO, performance or mobile.


Once you've completed a task you can mark it as completed. If, in the future, this issue is encountered again on the website, it will be added to the list automatically.


Step-by-step tutorials


Our step-by-step tutorial will learn you (or aid your developer) to fix the issue thoroughly. They also provide tips to help prevent the issue from occurring again.


The historical chart will allow you to see when an issue was first found on the website. It also shows the percentage of pages from the sample that were affected by this issue.


The report will show which pages from the samples are affected by this issue. In most cases it will also highlight the specific elements that are causing the issue.